Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Apartment or Individual House - Which is best?

When it comes to buying a house, its almost a 1yr job.... very good tamil saying"veeta katti paaru... kalyanatha panni paaru", its 100% true. Ok coming back to the topic, will it be apartment/flat or individual house which I should buy. Actually it depends on the person who buys ;) I have discussed advantages/disadvantages on both option.

Individual House - Less Money - More Effort - When I say individual house, its you own land and an house constructed in it. It can also be empty land.

Apartment/Flat - More Money - Less Effort - When you go for an 3BHK / 2BHK apartment, you have tension free life, just occupying the property. Effort is all taken care by the builder who promotes.

Lets consider an example for this. my place of interest is Porur, so let me take that place for explaining this. I did a search for apartment/flats in porur and the min/max rate in that place was Rs.3000-Rs.5000 per sq.ft. (excluding registration, eb, car parking, furnishing). Now I searched for individual house in the same area and the min/max rate was Rs.1100-Rs.3000, this is only for the plot, so add Rs.1200 for construction charges, which comes to Rs.2300-Rs.4200.

Immediate savings is around Rs.800-Rs.1000 in this. But wait, when you go for individual house, you have to directly for everything starting from sale agreement, Encumbrance certificate, documentation till sale deed registration, and if you avail bank loan or housing finance loan, then its going to be real difficult, because of the documents they ask for and you have to go everytime they call you for. When you buy the apartment, the builder already gets approval from 2 or 3 banks or housing finance companies, so you just have to submit your documents to the builder and they take care of handing over the property to you. You only have to go to sub-registrar office during registration.

So guys, decide which suits you, money or easy life....... choose between them ;) Happy Investing


  1. Your post makes sense other than in one aspect.. In Individual House, Once you pick your builder and get your plot, all burden will be taken off as he can guide u all aspect.

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  3. Thank you for the info. It sounds pretty user friendly. I guess I’ll pick one up for fun. thank u

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  4. When you go for independent house you are sure of the quality of material being used, and how you want the house to be rather than being satisfied with what you get its like what Henry Ford said "I can give you any color car as long as it is black"

    I agree you have to take a little effort to build the house that what gives you satisfaction when the building is done its your house for generations to come though you have spent time to construct it, there are also contractors available in market who can take the job of construction of house if you don;t want to get too involved if time is constraint.

    Comming to value of the house , think about 30 years or 40 years from now and you are in desperate need of money will you get the resale value on the Flat ? Definitely not and forget about selling will you be able to live in the same house and can the structure survive ?

    AFter construction of any building depreciation count down starts for the building and ultimately after some time its not worth buying, but in the case of the Independent house you can stell bet on land on which the house was built.

    Also think about other circumstance like bathroom or toilet in the house above your is leaking will the owner of that house allow you to repair the bathroom or toilet to be repaired if he is busy and not use it for 2- 3 days ? In one case where my sister was staying in hydrabad one of the house in the apartment developed leaky taps and it leaked so much that the over head tank use to get empty and the flat owner refused to get it repaired.

    Death in opposite flat, how would you feel will you stay in the house or go to some other relative house or lodge to avoid inconveniece ?

    Comming to security in hyderabad most of the illegal business are run from Apartments including prostution don;t get into false notation of security if some one mentions security in apartment.

    - Rajesh

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