Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Earth Quake Experience - 11 April 2012

It was an adventurous day for many of us today... It all happened around 2.30pm Indian time, I visited our new office, RMZ Millenia, Perungudi,  Chennai, along with my colleagues. We went to the top floor of the building to have the wonderful panoramic view, and were enjoying the view. Suddenly came an announcement alerting us about the earthquake. Many of my colleagues even felt chairs shaking, felt giddiness, some even were kidding what happens if we slip from top floor and this announcement proved the scene happening around, Yes its earthquake.
Everyone from the building started evacuating, some running to ground floor, some of them who felt the quake were really in shock, tensed, sweating and what not. All of them were calling their loved ones and alerting, mobile signals were jammed, all roads were jammed because 90% of organization have asked their employees to leave home and be safe. I somehow managed to take few snaps of the employees assembled outside RMZ campus. 
Tsunami alert has been announced in more than 28 places. What am wondering, is this something related to one of the incidents of DEC 21 mayan prediction? Am visualizing one scene from 2012 movie... We will know only after DEC 21, hope we get chance to it after DEC 21 :)

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