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Greetings to everyone from Sathish Balakrishnan, I am a person who love to explore things related to finance, drawing, history, archaeology, business, technology. As I kept exploring, gaining knowledge on many things, at one point, I thought why not I share my thoughts, readings somewhere and try to get contact with similar thinking people, which paved the road to starting a blog.

Starting a blog is simple and not even takes a minute nowdays, but what name to choose is the big challenge I had, after thinking for a long time, finally created my first blog Trying to Understand, (To Be Named), since I did not get a name :) , where I planned to publish my readings, thoughts, and whatever I try to understand in this world.

Few months later, my interest in business increased and I started exploring various small scale and medium scale business. Many entrepreneurs have idea, but do not know where to start from, whom to contact for guidance, whom to contact for fund, what licence to acquire, what tax problems they have to face etc etc. Thus started my second blog, Where to begin from, blog to capture my findings related to small and medium scale business and to share my findings with similar friends.

Maintaining two blogs of my interest, there is one more passion, drawing, which I got inspired from Silpi, a great artist in line drawings, who portraited Indian temple archeology through his line drawings. Inspired by his drawings, I started exploring that field and whenever I had time, spent drawing, and posted to my new blog Pencil Drawings - Sathish

My exploration did not stop with this, new interests, and new blogs for my interest will keep continuing. Thanks for sparing your precious time in knowing about me and my blogs. Please do share it with your friends and support me.



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