Sunday, November 13, 2011

Kingfisher Crashes, Real reason revealed

Recent Shocking news is downfall of the castle, Kingfisher Airlines. But how did it underwent so much loss, when the liquor tycoon, Vijay Mallya, established his empire around the world holding 50% of beer market and 1/3rd of liquor market.

  • Where did all the money go ? 
  • Where was the actual salary paid ? 
  • Who got profited from Kingfishers airlines ? 
  • Now why is Government getting involved in this matter ? 

There are hundreds of question going around, judge the real reason from the pictures posted below.


  1. shameless dog.
    Not only because hes a self-serving pompous ass who has never done a single bit of good for his fellow man with all that money...
    ...but because he cant stand any honest person who does good in this world. He went after Captain Gopinath who started the low cost Deccan Airways which genuinely aimed to bring low cost flight to average indians. He forced Gopinath to sell it with threats.
    Then, when Gopinath started his next venture of courier service, Kingfisher entered that area too and started competing in the same routes with lower prices just to kill that company.
    This useless fellow who makes his money by seling the drink that has ruined poor families should be incarcerated!

  2. I think he wants to convert all his black money to white money by using this airlines. Be careful of the political cooperate heads they are smarter than political leaders. They have also hand in this game. Thats why some guys are keeping silent.

  3. The Govt is involved in this Aviation[domstic carrier].MM Singh first "creates a problem" and then "Offers" what he wants to be implemented as THE solution....


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