Saturday, March 27, 2010

Actual Petrol Cost - Action Required

With the prices of petrol going up almost 4-5 times a year, people face it difficult consuming it. Poor public, do strike for day or two and settle down to do their regular work. Government has to take necessary steps in reducing the petrol price. Why I tell government has to take is because more than 50% of Pertol price we pay is taken by government as taxes. Why dont the government stop taking tax for Petrol, which is almost a great relief for public. I am damn sure, whichever government passes this bill, will rule India forever.

Lets see how much tax are we paying for 1litre of pertol in various metros.

Petrol Price47.4351.1551.6851.59
Sales Tax/VAT7.9010.8011.2211.64
Excise Duty14.7814.7814.7814.78
Custom Duty1.731.731.731.73
Price Without tax23.0223.8423.9523.44

1. Anybody has an idea what are the alternate ways to avoid this tax, please tell it in comments so that government can act on it.
2. Anybody has an idea of what does government do with this tax amount, also tell it in comments, so others know.


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