Saturday, March 17, 2012

Rich Get Richer..... Audi Helps...

"Pre-budget diesel variant offer:Loan of Rs.24 Lakhs for 36 months at 0% interest*. The Audi A4 is a piece of engineering that manages to combine technology with aesthetics to create a unique automotive experience. With features like the integrated safety system with 8 airbags, the MMI for one-touch access and the Xenon plus headlights with LED daytime running lights, the Audi A4 is sporty, sophisticated and quite simply, the best that money can buy."

Benz landed in India a long time back, then came BMW, and now its Audi's turn. They have ramped up the sales in Indian market, by direct dealers in majority of Indian Cities. Today I noticed an advertisement for Audi A4, comes @ 28 Lakhs - 38 Lakhs (in rupees), ex showroom price. This is equivalent to 1000 sqft land in most of the commercial areas, ok that is a seperate topic to be discussed, lets come to the point. Anyone who is ready to buy a car at that price is obviously going to be big shot, and why this person needs a loan is my first question. I agree these are marketing strategies by the manufacturer, but they can attract customers with some other idea. 
Assume Audi sells around 1000 cars in India in this scheme, so 1000 Cars * 24 Lakhs = 240 Crores, which is given @ 0% interest to people who are already rich, with a simple 6% interest/pa, it approximates to 15 Crores. 

Why government does not monitor this? why are they always behind middle class families, rising tax for the small cars, which middle or upper middle class is buying ? Instead they can levy huge tax for high end cars, anyway the rich is going to pay them which they are affordable. We middle class are as-usual keep fighting for our rights, but the Government favors the rich who is getting richer and helps the ruling party to become richer.


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