Saturday, May 14, 2011

Escape Express Avenue - Boycott, Avoid

I should say it as Anti-EA, yes am that much frustrated on Express Avenue. First time I visited EA, I was amazed to see such a big mall in Chennai. I have seen such big malls while I was abroad, now Chennai has got such a good mall. This was my thought while I entered the mall, but everything got shattered when I came out, i.e., at the time they collected the parking fees. After this incident I was very upset and started searching web, which had many of us facing the same problem, some of them have even raised complaints and started blogging on this issue. Express Avenue is the worst in collecting parking fees, they are making hell lot of money in parking.

Express Avenue charges Rs:25 for 2-Wheeler and Rs.50 for 4-Wheeler, which is double the amount in weekend. Friends, this parking fee is not the whole day, its for an hour and it keeps increasing every hour, damn stupid concept.

They have a multiplex ESCAPE (Sathyam Cinemas), which obviously one would spend 3-4 hours time, and they end up paying Rs:150- Rs:200 as parking for 2-Wheeler, if its a 4-Wheeler, you pay in hundreds, close to 2 person movie ticket :)

So friends, its our duty to teach EA a lesson, Please boycott EA. Avoid going to EA, all the brands sold inside are very well available outside, so avoid going to Express Avenue.


  1. Hi $athish, do you mean that EA charges Rs 50 per hour during weekends for 2-wheelers?


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