Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Are GODs, Aliens ? Mystery - Part 1

Hello Friends, This time am touching a very very sensitive topic, believed by 80% of humans in this world, yes about GOD. It started when I read an article about Eric VonDaniken's Chariots of God. I dont know what to tell about this person and others who have made 30+ episodes in History Channel, one of the top TV channels digging about history. Daniken's theory on a whole talks about GOD, who he projects as Aliens, who visited from other planets. He starts asking the below questions one by one

1. Earth is 4.54 billion years old(, and according to science, living creatures started evolving in earth 3.8 billion years ago (, If Humans have found a way to reach other planets (Moon), why not extra terrestrial creatures (Aliens) find a way to reach earth ?
2. There are many planets older than earth and obviously living creatures would have evolved in other planets billion years ago ?
3. He strongly believes in #2, that aliens have visited earth billion of years ago and he cites lot of present day monuments, mysteries in to picture and surprises us with his question.

His book Chariots of God discusses in detail that GODs are ancient astronomers who visited earth billion of years ago. With all these technological development, we are still not able to find explanation to the mysteries shown below.

Am planning to put what all evidence I come across in internet, in chapters here, Series continues........


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