Saturday, October 29, 2011

Is Social Networking Sites (SNS) really required ?

Can anyone tell, why social network came into this internet revolution, for obvious reasons, to connect people, both known and unknown having similar interests. Slowly competition increased and then came chat rooms, a little more with social network sites like orkut, facebook, linkedin, google+ and many more started to evolve, but has anyone thought what we do after registering with social network sites and updating our hourly status in those sites.

"Are we losing our privacy posting our live status there?"

One very good reason, everyone accept is connect with school mates, college mates, old friends irrespective of  which part of the world we are in. I would say social networking sites should take the credit in connecting them. A recent research revealed, what people do in Facebook.
  • 15% of Facebook users update their own status.
  • 22% comment on another’s post or status.
  • 20% comment on another user’s photos.
  • 26% “Like” another user’s content.
  • 10% send another user a private message
What purpose does it really serve? Did anyone think of this ? Pew Research Center has released their statistics of facebook usage.

People just love to look at pictures. That's the killer app of all online social networks. Seventy percent of all actions are related to viewing pictures or viewing other people's profiles. The biggest usage categories are men looking at women they don't know, followed by men looking at women they do know. Women look at other women they know. Overall, women receive two-thirds of all page views. 

Little about Twitter, which restricts 140 characters of text messages? 90% of Twitter posts were created by only 10% of users, because the technology uses words without photos to communicate. MySpace, which we can say, almost dead even though there are around 70million users, 3 times greater than Twitter, but still does not have high page rank. 

For few years people were behind Orkut, then moved on to Facebook, now Google+ has emerged with lot of features which facebook does not have. One such feature is Hangouts, where we can initiate video conferencing with maximum 10 people from different circles. We have control on the circles which can participate, ofcourse no control on the users from the circles. Facebook tied up with Skype for video conferencing, but it is one-to-one video chat, which gtalk already has. A great reason for people to move to google+ is this. Another reason is Google Docs, which is another product of Google, so it integrates well with Google+ to share between friends, colleagues and others, which Facebook and other SNS does not have.

If we discuss, it is never going to end, I will talk on how SNS can be useful to us, can be used productively, can be used to make money. One last thing which needs our attention is QUITTING these sites, slowly we have piled up lots of personal information in these websites, did we ever think how easy is it to quit these sites taking backup of all the information stored, like contacts, photos, documents.

Thnk, Think once again well before we spend time in Social Networking Sites.


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