Thursday, October 27, 2011

Print Only Required Content (PORC) - Green Ideas

Green Green Green, wherever you go, Individuals, Government, Organization are moving Green Revolution, There are many initiatives taken to reduce global warming across the world. Recently government has passed bill, to charge for plastic carry bags, so customers are forced to bring their own paper or jute bags. Let us also participate in this revolution and do what can be easily done by us, ofcourse without any charge.

Recently I came across a website, PrintWhatYouLike, cool website, which provides support to print what is only required by us, ie., we can remove unwanted images, headers, advertisements, background colors, margins, etc etc and what not. This website takes in the URL you want to print, and classifies the whole content into blocks, which can be removed, formatted, and then finally print what is required for us, now this saves us pages, saves toner ink, which is cost effective for us and as well a small contribution from us to EARTH.

This is now helping all webdevelopers, website owners to provide an advanced PRINTER FRIENDLY version of their webpage. Steps to generate the link for printer friendly version is

" url "

for example, printer friendly version of my blog will be
URL Encoding reference is in
Save Paper, Save Earth. Think before you print next time


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