Sunday, November 6, 2011

Be Smarter: Chrome Tips for Google search results

This is for Google Chrome users, who are about 18%. 70% of google search, is returned in the first two pages, but how many of us have browsed through all the search pages? How many of us feel irritating to click Next everytime to see the next page results. Everyone of us would have thought this atleast once, to have all the search results in single page. It is now possible with Google Chrome Extenstions. gInfinity is an free extension from chrome web store, which displays 100 search results in one page and when we scroll down to the bottom, it automatically extends the search result by another 10. Good reason to switch to Google Chrome :)

11/06/2011 Update: After installing gInfinity in my machine, I noticed that it works only for and not for other country specific google sites, like

11/07/2011 Update: Chrome automatically updated and now it works for


  1. This is fixed in the 1.1 release. Please update manually (or let Chrome update it).


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