Saturday, November 5, 2011

Google's Weapon - hiybbprqag, mbzrxpgjys

Weapons, they are not just killing mechanism, but also used in cyber world for exposing rivals, Google tops the world search engine market, but slowly lost its share to Bing, from the time it was launched. Bing started with 5% market share, but slowly growed in to 30% market share. Main reason is Internet Explorer, which dominated the world in browser market, since it was Microsoft product, they provided option to type search keyword in address bar and press enter, so the text is search using Bing search engine.

Google's first weapon was Chrome, its home made browser, which not only provide a bouquet of browsing features, but also integrated the same searching through address bar concept, but the search engine used was Google. Doing all these, Google was suspecting Bing always, whether it copied search results from Google.

Google's second weapon was pattern search comparison between Google and Bing search results. Search for torsoraphy in Google, which return this

In this example, Google searches for correct spelling , tarsorrhaphy, even though it was entered incorrectly. Same search at Bing, manages to list the same Wikipedia page at the top of its results as Google does for its corrected spelling results: Got it? Despite the word being misspelled — and the misspelling not being corrected — Bing still manages to get the right page from Wikipedia at the top of its results, one of four total pages it finds from across the web. How did it do that? Great Mystery huh!!

Google's third weapon was sting operation, where Google created new words, hiybbprqag, mbzrxpgjys which does not exist in real world, and induced unrelated search results when searched through Google. After a couple of weeks this program was launched, Bing was caught giving same results for the words formed by google, see screenshots below for better understanding.

With this Google publicly went saying "Bing Copies Google". Wait this is only first part of the story, only Google's point of argument, but Microsoft in return denied this, which I will discuss detail in my next article.


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